Kid’s Quarantine Birthday Ideas

  Yesterday was Ellia’s 8th birthday. Since we are “at home” and having a party surrounded by friends just isn’t possible right now, Eben and [...]

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Kid-Approved Board and Card Games To Play While You’re Stuck At Home

  Our family loves a good game (board game or card game). When we travel/move we bring many of them along with us. During this [...]

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Homeschooling Tools While Quarantining

  Many of you may be finding yourselves in a role that you have never had to fulfill before, that of a homeschooling teacher. Not [...]

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Our Whale Watching Excursion In Cabo San Lucas

  Even after having lived on a sailboat, and having had numerous encounters with wildlife; even after living in Todos Santos and watching the whale [...]

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Partying Like We’re Kids Again

  Two days ago was my birthday, and man was it EPIC. I turned 37! Like the title of the post says, we partied like [...]

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School and Homeschooling, An Update On How Our Girls Are Being Educated In Mexico

  Enrolled in one of the Todos Santos public schools full-time, and homeschooling part-time, our girls’ are clocking in a fair number of academic hours. [...]

By | February 18th, 2020|General, parenting, School|1 Comment

15 Best U.S Destinations to See Whales In 2020

  From private boat charters San Diego to extended excursions in Alaska or Hawaii, here are 15 of the best locations for whale sightings today [...]

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We’re Moving…We Think!

  About two and a half years ago we moved to Todos Santos. We came down here without having a rental lined up. We had [...]

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Family Travel Accommodations For Every Style

Over the years we have run the gamut of travel accommodation types WHILE TRAVELLING WITH KIDS. We have stayed in some places that made the [...]

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Quaint areas to explore in Peru

Collaboration Post by Clayton Miller   Peru is one of the most popular countries to visit in South America because, despite its status as a [...]

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