Endless Possibilities: It’s not a bad position to be in.

Forget the saying that “Our plans were written in the sand at low tide”, I am starting to feel like we are writing them on the waves themselves, as we can’t seem to make any plan stick for any certain amount of time.

To give you an idea, when Eben and I got married we had planned on travelling for several years together before planning, that wretched word, for kids. We lasted three months and were pregnant with Arias. Then we planned to move on to the small boat, Labiris, once baby was born and sail to South America. Fail.

We lived aboard for a few months before purchasing a bigger boat, Necesse, in need of a lot of work. So instead of South America we found ourselves in Miami. Then we were going to try the trek to S.A. again. Oops, baby number 2.

So we could only sail as far South as Bahamas before turning around again. Once back on the boat again we headed East to the DR with full hopes of crossing to Guatemala after hurricane season. Well with six months of sitting around, and a small influx in money from selling our house, we decided to sail the windward/leeward islands instead. We made it two months before those plans changed and we found ourselves accepting a job with Live Different back in the DR.

Turn the boat around from its intended course and set out on a completely different path than we could have ever expected. After being on land for 8 months we gave the boat another go, this time back to the Bahamas for our last sailing season, or so we thought. A week before our intended departure we changed our minds again and set off towards the Virgin Islands. The VIs have been optimal sailing grounds.

So it is evident, we are not very good at planning. We are good at living. Living life to its fullest and taking the opportunities that present themselves to us with open minds and hearts.

I feel that for some reason we keep finding ourselves in this same conundrum of “what next?”. Right now we have the next few months sort of figured out.

            -We bought ourselves a little chunk of land on the family property in the Rocky Mountains of Golden, British Columbia. We are in the long process of building ourselves an Off-Grid/Eco Home. This may not be our full-time home, or our forever home, but it sure will be nice to have a place to call our own whenever we go to Canada. This project is on a break right now as Canada is buried under 6 feet of snow, can’t build in that, so we flew off. Will return to it later.

            -We’re currently on our sailboat in the USVI and will enjoy this sailing season around here.

            -Eben has started talking about possibly going down-island, aka Grenada. It’s something new, something we haven’t done, so it is a possibility.

            -We’ve also had crazy conversations about selling our boat and moving to Southeast Asia. Why? Because we haven’t done that yet!

            -The thought of a catamaran (although we totally can’t afford that) has been floating through our heads. Boat envy is a b!#$h.

            Looking back on last year, although we had a vague plan of what we were doing, we still had several unexpected adventures pop up, like going to Tanzania and buying property in Canada. So although we would like to think that we know what we’re up to, there will be nothing short of new and exciting things to come this year and we can’t wait to get the ball rolling on whatever they are.

Those Are Just A Few Options, There Are Plenty More I’m Sure