Family Friendly Things To Do In Zanzibar, TZ

By | July 7th, 2016|Sponsors, Tanzania, Travel|

Zanzibar was a bit of a whirlwind for us. An awesome one though. We did so much, experienced so much, and our three months there [...]

How to NOT pack for your trip back to the Land Of Plenty

By | June 16th, 2016|Summer, Travel|

Here I consider myself a pretty savvy traveller, being that we spend a lot of our time travelling. I mean in the last two years [...]

Our Great Canadian Adventure

By | June 13th, 2016|General, Travel, Workout|

It’s hard to believe that we have been in Canada for almost a month now, everything is happening so fast and we have been enjoyably [...]

Why Buddy Boats Are Necessary

By | June 6th, 2016|General, Sailing, Travel|

There are many trade-offs that we have made to be able to enjoy the cruising life, like long hot showers, a backyard, cable tv, accessibility [...]

Cheap Wine and Toilets Are Successes Too

By | May 29th, 2016|General, Sailing, Travel|

In sailing they say “The highs are high, and the lows are low”. There are those days where you wake up and everything about the [...]

How Do You Tell If You Have Reached Islander Status?

By | May 24th, 2016|Kids aboard, Travel|

The islands in the Caribbean have their own way of life. It’s a lifestyle that many feel they want. One that involves a slower pace, [...]

Our Next Adventure Is Chosen

By | May 3rd, 2016|Summer, Travel|

   Here it is. After many many many nights of talking out all of our options, reading all the comments and help you guys sent [...]

Mermaid’s Chair, A Hidden Gem On St Thomas

By | April 28th, 2016|Travel|

It's fun to realize that we have been in St Thomas almost a year now and that there are still new things to go out [...]

Family Friendly Things To Do In St John, USVI

By | March 23rd, 2016|BEST DESTINATIONS, Travel|

   Although St Thomas and St John (USVI) are so close together, they each have their own, very distinct vibe. I feel like St John [...]

Family Friendly Things To Do In St Thomas, USVI

By | March 14th, 2016|BEST DESTINATIONS, FAMILY TRAVEL, Travel|

This post was written pre-Hurricane Irma. Some of these establishments may no longer be running. But I know there are still A LOT of family-friendly [...]

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